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Inspector Type: Individual
Serviced Industries
Beauty Care
Computer Hardware
Consumer Electronics
Electrical Equipment
Electronic Components
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Inspection Price: US $148.00 per man-day
Travel Fee to
US $40.00 per man-day
Inspection Type:
Container Loading Check
During Production Inspection
Factory Audit
Final Random Inspection
Full Inspection
Initial Production Inspection
Lab Testing
Production Monitoring
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Report Language: English, Chinese
Baoguo Li
Baoguo Li
Location: Guangdong,China/ Email:cqi.inspection@gmail.com
Tel: 86
Fax: 86

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Inspector Introduction

On-site Product Inspection, Factory Visit. Email: cqi.inspection@gmail.com

We offer very competitive price for the inspections and other business support services in China. We cover all of China area for pre-shipment inspection and factory audit. Please contact us for more details, we will quote you a good price for your project.

Interpreter+ car rental
When you visit China ( Guangzhou, Shenzhen,Dongguan, Foshan, Shende,Jiangmen,etc), I can work as your translator and drive you to your factories, I will accompany you and discuss the quality standard for future inspection.

CQI Inspection Services own many professional inspectors in different product area. Our greatest asset is our inspectors and engineers, we have gained much experience in communicating with many different Chinese suppliers. We are not only find out the problems but also offer solutions or suggestions to solve it. We are always trying to make sure the supplier to do the correct work for you. We are your ears and eyes in China.

Our Services

- Factory Audit- It is very important to select a right supplier at the beginning, as we all know if it is wrong from the beginning, there is no good result in the end. So we recommend each buyer to visit their suppliers before they place an order, or engage our inspectors to do it for you.
- Quality Control- we will overseen the manufacturing process to ensure each step is correct.
- Pre-shipment Inspection- we will inspect the shipment before the supplier ship to you, we will try to ensure all products are in good quality.
- Support Services- we can support you as your own Rep in China, we can show up in the factory when you need it.

We believe you should choose us for the following reasons:

1. Compare to large inspection companies, we provide a more customer-oriented experience for our clients, and we can customize service to meet each client's personal demands.

2. Our rate is reasonable, we charge fixed fee $188 per man-day (All inclusive) for most places in China. We are neither the lowest nor the highest price service. We offer great service for a good price with fair pay to our people.

3. We have many experienced inspectors who are our most valuable treasurer. Most of them are expert in their own area, such as furniture, consumer products, electronics, industrial items, valves, etc. Our inspectors are experienced about on-site inspection, they can find out the quality problem through on-site inspection, and then push the suppliers to repair the defects or replace with good ones. Meanwhile they can dig out the first-hand information through their on-site observation.

5 Except the expertise, our inspectors know how to communicate with the suppliers to motivate and monitor them to do a good job. Due to the language and culture barrier, we can improve the communication efficiency and moderate the conflict between buyers and suppliers.

6. We are always on your behalf to protest your interest by overseen the suppliers. The suppliers will not "cheat" you because of our work. It is more efficient to place one person in the factory to work on your behalf, then we can find out problems and solve problems efficiently on-site in case there is any problem.

Sample Report:

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at inspection@alibaba-inc.com.