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Serviced Industries
Beauty Care
Computer Hardware
Construction Estate
Consumer Electronics
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Inspection Price: US $88.00 per man-day
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US $0.00 per man-day
Inspection Type:
Container Loading Check
During Production Inspection
Factory Audit
Final Random Inspection
Full Inspection
Initial Production Inspection
Lab Testing
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Peter Luan
Peter Luan
Location: Ningbo,Shanghai
Tel: 86
Fax: 86

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Inspector Introduction


This is Peter from Ningbo China.We have the team which is specialized in the quality inspection,I can arrange the inspection in all the cities of China,providing the best Price.

1.Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
2.Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)
3.During Production Inspection (DUPRO)
4.Full Inspection (Sorting)
5.Loading Supervision (LS)
6.Initial Sample Checking
7.Sample Collection Services
8.Factory Audit (Technical Quality Assessment)
9.Social Audit (Code of Condugt Assessment )
10.Supplier Investigation Off-site etc.
We have experienced quality engineers who had worked before in different third party inspection agencies like SGS,ITS etc and hence accumulated a lot of knowledges and skills and we have gained much experience in communicating with many different Chinese suppliers. We are not only find out the problems but also offer solutions or suggestions to solve it.

Contact information: ( We will reply you within half an hours)
My skype:judy19882012(Please add me)
Phone:008618868604300(Call me at any time)

My TM keep online all the time,whenever you can contact me.
Welcome to china,we can talk further business face to face.

Our Services:

(1)Initial Production Inspection USD98/Man-day.
We will go to the factory before production to verify the raw material,confirm the production plan and products produced with client and so on.

(2)In-Production Inspection USD138/Man-day.
That means verifying the production plan,inspecting the package,size,function and measurement.And some other requirements from my customer.

(3)Pre-Shipment Inspection USD178/Man-day.
100%finished production and 80% finish packing,we will check the appearance,
workmanship,function and the points which our customer required.If we found
some defects products we will ask the factory replace or rework,and at the same time we will inform our customers.

(4)Full Inspection USD188/Man-day.
Full check means the products 100% finished production and packing.We check one by one,checking the quantity,appearance,workmanship,function and the points from our customer required.Then we will pick out the defectives and ask factory rework or replace them.

(5)Loading Supervision Inspection adding Container loading USD168/Man-day
Loading Supervision for two main purposes:containers in good condition and secured sealed after loading.Also we will check the goods details the export
carton and take all the details photos including the container no.for customer.After container leave factory,we can go home.

(6)Factory Assessment USD198/Man-day.
Main contents surveying the factory profile,R&D facilities,production process,
production record and take all the details for the factory and the machines.

(7)Factory Audit USD198/Man-day.
They include forced labor,social benefits,description,child labor,working hours,environment and so on.

Why Hopeinspection?

1.We have offered 5000RMB security deposit to Alibaba to guarantee the buyer's rights.After receiving your orders, we will reply you in the shortest time. Inform us 2 days in advance,we have enough time to arrange.

2.We can provide customer-oriented experience for our clients,and we can customize service to meet each client's personal demands.

3.We have many experienced inspectors who are our most valuable treasurer. Most of them are expert in their own area, such as electrical, consumer products, electronics, industrial items, valves, etc

4.Compare to large inspection companies,Our objective:customer-oriented ,and we can customize service to meet each client's personal demands
we can also provide the purchasing service in china for you!

Sample Report:

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